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Co-opportunity: Join up for a sustainable, resilient, prosperous world, by John Grant

The premise of this relentlessly optimistic book is both simple and daunting. If we all stopped pursuing our own private agendas and started working more for the common good we would stand a better chance of achieving our individual goals.

By working together we would create a better, happier world. Grant admits that to achieve this co-operative utopia requires nothing less than a "different kind of economy, different kinds of government, business and community". But he recognises that there isn't a quick fix and that real change comes from within the established order. His aim is to work "within the systems of this world on solutions to bring about change".

Rather than labour the scale of the problems or the size of challenges, Grant focuses on small, often local, examples of positive change. He asks readers to see that his claim about the need for new ways of thinking doesn't demand major revolution. Instead, he seeks to inspire us to join hundreds of mini-evolutions-from simple solutions such as locally grown vegetables to complex ideas such as co-operative markets.

March 2010:
Director Magazine

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